GLLGI was formally organized in 1976, and is made up of members whose interest in lace is not only in the making of lace, but also in the collecting and preserving of it. They sponsor numerous workshops in all types of lace (bobbin, tatting, knitting, crochet, and needle lace). The members of the Great Lakes Lace Group also participate in lace-making demonstrations at Sauder Village in Ohio, and many other public functions.

GLLGI holds meetings six times per year, and publishes a bi-monthly newsletter. Anyone who is interested in lace, lace-making, or just the enjoyment of lace is welcome to join. If you would like to learn about becoming a member of the Great Lakes Lace Group Inc., visit their Membership page.

Some of their upcoming events include a Great Lakes Lace Group meeting on September 27. For more information, check their events schedule.