The International Organization of Lace, Inc was founded in 1954, and is now celebrating 60 years! The guild has held many name changes through the years since it was first founded, but has remained the same organization throughout time. They are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the study and preservation of lace - of all types.

They strive to teach, and promote lace-making and lace identification, and they encourage educational programs for public benefit. IOLI has members located throughout the world, with the greatest concentration being in the United States.

IOLI is currently in 24 countries, and consists of an active member base upwards of 1100 people.

That's a pretty big organization!


You can read more about the IOLI guild here.


The 2015 Convention class list is available! Make sure and check it out 

The 2015 Convention class list is available!