The Online Tatting Class has been around since 1999, making 15 years since it first began! The Online Tatting Class was started by Georgia Seitz, and has worked with, and helped countless individuals to not only learn how to tat, but improve their tatting skills.

There are currently 1,592 participating Tatters; some of which are at their own pace, and 50 to 100 students in the live classroom.

It all began with an AOL lace chat room...

"I was a guest host in the old AOL Lace chatroom. So many tatters were attending we had to get our own classroom."

  I asked Georgia what inspired her to form the Online Tatting Class. It started out as just asking questions...

"In the Lace chatroom and in the first classroom, I was just answering  questions. Often the same questions week after week, so I began writing scripts about topics and it grew from there."



Please see their website to learn more about how you can participate.


Georgia had her first patterns published nationally in the Piecework magazine in 1993. Shortly after, she published her first book Tatting Alaskan Style - book 1 of the Ribbonwinners series. Georgia has been tatting since 1979.


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Tatting is a lifelong journey of personal satisfaction, friendship and sharing. - Georgia Seitz