It was my personal experience – when in searching the internet for various tatting related resources – that there is so much content available, it was a bit overwhelming at times.

This gave me an idea… The idea that I wanted to be able to find everything in one central location, and that would allow visitors to read and learn more about different tatting Designers, Suppliers, and Guilds that were out there… as well as include links to tutorials and classes, and even Patterns. But it was more than that.

I was (still am) in awe of the works that different Artists create and design, and I wanted to know more about them. What it was like for them when they first started learning to tat… why they chose the medium they did, and the challenges and struggles they faced. Because of this curiosity, this… tiny ember, if you will… coupled with the aforementioned idea, the notion of Tatting Central was born.

My personal tatting story is not at all grand. I taught myself several years ago, and when I told my grandmother I wanted to learn tatting, she promptly sent me her old magazines, some thread, and whatever else she had that could be used in tatting. I am the only tatter in my family.

At the time, there was very little information on the internet. I found a few books and ordered them. Tried to start a tatting class with a few friends – where we could learn together. However, I am the only one left of us that still tats.

There are still so many techniques that I do not know how to tat, but I want to learn everything I can, and share what I can.

And Speaking of sharing… About a year ago I recently had the opportunity to teach a friend how to tat! She had been curiously eyeing my work and proceeded to ask me if I could teach her. While these days we don’t get to tat as often as we’d like, we still share that bond that tatters have…