I found a really  nice blog about interlaced rings. Now, this blog post is not the original idea – rather, it is an expounding pictorial on an element that was shared over at InTatters.


The blog is Muskaan’s TIPS, and the pictorial mentioned is for Interlaced Rings, which was started in a thread by Judith Connors. If you are not on InTatters, and/or have not had the privilege of seeing this Braid, then I would encourage you to 1. sign up at InTatters, and/or 2. read Muskaan’s blog post about the Interlace Ring Braid.


I was having a struggle getting the Interlacing correctly, and Muskaan was kind enough to work with me, to get it straightened out.


Sweet Alaskan Asparagus Tips… I believe I’ve got it!


interlace 3 rings - success

I can just imagine the possibilities with this element…

Have you attempted the Interlaced Ring Braid? What was your experience… We’d all love to hear about it!

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2 comments on “My Attempt At Interlaced Rings”

    • Gustavo Reply

      Hello, I have just spent two days trying to maetsr this art and every time I try ,I cannot pull the shuttle thread to make a ring ? I have just watched your video on DS and realised that I was not flipping the stitches I shall endeavor to maetsr this art once more with your invaluable help and let you know how I have got on ..Fingers and toes crossed .oh no not fingers, I need them to Tat !!!Many, many thanks to you for helping me to understand where I’ve been going wrong .I so adore this skill I’m praying that it works for me !!!!!!!!hugschris richardsxxxxxxxx

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