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I’ve actually had some time for tatting lately. Once the Interlaced Rings got figured out, I’ve been on the tatting slalom ever since – with 2 tats in the works (which, one of them I just finished a bit ago). It still needs to be blocked yet, but I just couldn’t wait to show you what’s become of a beloved pattern by Mary Konior…


The Spinning Wheel Glass Mat pattern has turned into…


The Spinning Wheel Butterfly!

Spinning Wheel Butterfly


I’m sure I could have made the body different, but since I wanted to tat this in one continuous round (I really dislike having to cut and tie all the time, and I didn’t have enough brain power in that moment to try and work up a different body), I just decided to make the body the same center as the Glass Mat. There is ample room for improvement, and I know I will give this another pass – after I complete the other project I’m working on – which will, hopefully, be posted soon. I’m quite excited about that as well.


Anyway, I tried searching Google for any butterflies made from this pattern, but I haven’t found one yet. You’re welcome to try and make one, and if you do, I’d love to hear about it!


The difference I made was after the first wing side, I tatted 4, lp, 4, lp, 4 (for the antennae). Then proceeded to work the other wing side – backwards, like a mirror effect. I did have have to SLT in a few places (since I worked w/ shuttle and ball), but that was no big deal – and if you don’t like SLT, then just make sure to use 2 shuttles and work accordingly.

The picture should be pretty self-explanatory, but if it’s not, let me know and I’ll be happy to try and help you through it!


I wonder what Mary K. would think…



Happy Tatting!

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8 comments on “A New Design from a Mary Konior Pattern”

  1. Margaret Reply

    I love the idea of this butterfly and I am sure Mary would love what you did with her pattern, have you written out the instructions for the pattern

    • TC Reply

      Hello Margaret,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Officially… no, I have not written out the instructions for the pattern (only briefly mentioned the differences made to achieve the results); I’ll try to get that worked up and posted soon. 😉

      Happy Tatting!

  2. Webmistress Reply

    Thanks for your comments!

    Muskaan, I did see the comment left on InTatters – thank you!

    Barbara, I’m sorry to hear about your sister – I hope she gets to feeling better soon!

    Diane, I originally started out making a Glass Mat for a friend, but when I got to the 3rd set of elements, the butterfly within just popped out to me! I thought of you when I was posting it – knowing how much you enjoy the Spinning Wheel pattern 😉

    • Sue Reply

      Mary would have loved it 🙂 She was always really interested to see the downloads of what folks were doing with her patterns. 🙂
      Sue Hanson
      SE London UK

      • Terezinha Reply

        Anita, I’ll be posting a video in a few days that shows exatlcy how to do that. Basically, when you are holding your thread in a ring, look at the thread as you are holding it between your thumb and forefinger, then go downwards to the space between your thumb and pinkie. Pull on that thread downward to get more thread and loosen the ring. Pull the shuttle upward to tighten the ring. Good luck!

  3. muskaan Reply

    I love the metamorphosis into a butterfly ! And, yet, one can clearly see the original pattern within . I saw it on InTatters earlier in the morning & had left a comment there . Very nice 🙂

  4. Barbara Gordon Reply

    I love the look of the interlaced rings, but haven’t had time to try it yet myself. My sister just got out of the hospital, so now maybe I’ll have some time to get back and do some tatting. I sure love the looks of it though, and want to make some myself.

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