Lacis offers an extensive collection of threads, ribbons, tools and supplies for the textile arts, including tatting & etc. They manufacture specialized lace making tools, and tatting needles. Lacis also operates a Museum, offering antique lace and textiles - dating back to the fourteenth century, as well as fine vintage linens... and much more.

They offer Mail order, Wholesale distribution, and Online shopping with free shipping!



I thoroughly enjoy browsing their collection!
Don't forget to check out their Museum!

You can review their online catalog here. I've found, the fastest way to locate the tatting section, is to type 'tatting' in the search bar at the top left of the catalog contents (just below Cart).

This lists everything tatting related - which are books, shuttles, thread holders, hooks, thread, and other useful items. Currently, there are over 300 products they offer.

Lacis offers a wonderful selection of tatting books in many different languages. Languages such as Polish, German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese. Most all of the foreign language books have diagrammed patterns.