Sally Kerson and her husband, I'm in the Garage (and no, that's not his real name), make lovely little shuttles called Pop-A-Bobbin. The reason they have this interesting name, is because of the method used to extract the bobbin (says me).

Each handmade shuttle is carved from a BEAUTIFUL wood. Wood such as: Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Maple, Teak, Mahogany, Cedar, Sequoia, just to name a few.

Sally's sister, Jane Eborall, has a list of shuttles on her blog - which you can find here. Please do make sure to stop by and have a look-see.

There are photos of each, giving a glimpse of beauty of the wood and the design of each shuttle. Pop-A-Bobbin has quite a following, and has received rave reviews.

The first shuttle shown here, is made from Rose wood. You can see the shuttle, bobbin pin, and bobbin tool remover.


The second shuttle is made from Pear wood. I can see that the color (or, colour for those across the pond) resembles the inner flesh of a pear. So pretty!


Each shuttle comes with a popper tool, and an instruction card.

I've hear they sell out quickly... and I can see why!