Heather from Tatted Treasures has put together a lovely little collection of shuttle tatting tutorials. She gives the basics in ten, easy lessons, and even shows how to make the double stitch left-handed.

Heather doesn't stop with just the basics though, she goes on to cover a bit beyond - with lessons such as how to close a motif using a folded join, blocking projects, and more.

Heather was also good enough to include in her tutorials, a list of essential tools and materials. I've listed a few here, but you can check here for the full list.


  • 2 Shuttles, preferably of different colors (or styles)
  • 2 balls of cotton thread (crochet type, size 10 or 20) If you are an absolute beginner, then size 10 or even size 3 might be best to play with at first, until you're comfortable making the stitches. But this is only my opinion.
  • 1 pair of scissors Personally, I like to use nail clippers - for me, they work just as well. And they're great for traveling, as some airlines (or airport security?) have restrictions against boarding with scissors. However, as far as I know right now, there are no restrictions against finger nail clippers.


Again, please do check out Heather's site for more tutorials, and other tidbits.

Be sure to catch all of Heather's videos here.