Yes, I’m still here… and still tatting (however, I don’t actually have photos of the latest endeavors). Between life and a wonky internet connection, I haven’t been online much.

I made another Spinning Wheel Butterfly – this one in black, with silver beads… it needs to be blocked first, so I’ll post pictures next time.


While this post doesn’t have much of my own tatting to talk about, I do have a couple of other things (one not tatting related), that I wanted to share with you.


The first is a post from Hubpages: How to Safely Wash Old or Fine Tatting. It’s quite a helpful article, and includes photos and a video.


The next place I came across, was a website about yarn, and crochet projects (yes, I do like to crochet.. about as much as tatting – that was another thing keeping me busy… crochet hat orders). The site is called YayForYarn – there are various ideas and crochet patterns too… there are also plenty of Scrap Yarn projects, and Reviews on yarns – which is pretty cool!


That’s all for this time…


Have fun crafting!

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